Monday, November 14, 2016



Writing day scheduled.

Then a text "May I call you?"

It was from the couple who are neighbors in Argelès, musicians and more. We seldom see them in Switzerland where we all live.

They wanted to come to Geneva. Did we have time?

Rick banged out a story making his deadline before their arrival giving him breathing space to savor the time together. I fine-tuned two chapters of Murder in Edinburgh.

Then their faces appeared in our doorway window. YES!

Because it was a beautiful day we took them for a walk along the lake. First stop The Little Mermaid.
Today she was ignoring the two ducks nearby.

The weather made me grateful for my hat and mittens, but I loved the tingle of the chill on my cheeks. Also, I am still celebrating the strength of being able to walk distances. I loved the surprise of seeing good friends.

We continued, passing mansions and a horse farm until we came to the grass beach. On a hot summer day it is like the Argelès beach, wall-to-wall people. Today we were alone to enjoy the mountains and France on the other side. The water was so clear we could see each mark on the stones below the surface.
Because both Rick and our friend are airplane buffs, we went inland just a bit to see commemoration stone and plaque to one of the first Swiss flights in 1911 that landed in Collonge-Bellerive where we were.

The next stop was a restaurant. In the summer ice cream sales are heavy. Today no one was there except for the employees. Hot chocolate all around warmed our insides.

Chalk up another special memory with special people.

Sometimes I shiver in pure joy for my life.

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