Saturday, November 12, 2016


The American election is over, thank God. If I never see another pundit mouthing lies, I will be happy.

As a Swiss I can turn to our next vote scheduled for Nov. 27.

I have my ballot that I can mail or turn in at the polling place.

The Swiss vote on things that are left to the government in other places.

I've read the positions in the booklets and looked at the stance of the five major parties and 12+ minor ones.

I need to vote on the future of nuclear plants in my country.

I need to vote on possible Sunday openings in the Canton. At the current time stores are closed on Sundays except for gas stations, the airport and train station.

I love that about Switzerland. Downtime.

When I first arrived there was a snack bar near my office that closed for lunch.

"Why?" I asked.

The woman stared at me. "Our employees need to eat."

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