Monday, November 21, 2016

Good or evil

Rick and I just made the E Bus going home after or weekend in Paris with our two suitcases.

There is a well for suitcases with a seat next to it, but a little girl, no more than five sat there.

She was adorable with brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Two bow barrettes were on the top of her head. She wore a pink winter jacket.  Her father had her move next to him so we would be able to use the well.

Next to her was another passenger and on the top of a T-formation of the seats was a rather good looking man, mid thirties maybe. If I were putting a description in a novel, I would write he had a kind face with a few smile lines. He did something with his phone and handed it  over the other passenger to the little girl.

She beamed as she saw whatever it was.

As the stops rolled by they exchanged the phone back and forth over the other passenger as he showed her more and more and she continued to smile. Her father was busy on his own phone.

The father and daughter's stop came and they got off after she returned the phone.

The man's eyes had never left the little girl as she got off the bus. He waved to her than sat back in his seat when they were out of sight.

I would like to think he was a kindly uncle or a man who just loved children.

But both Rick and I had the same thought.


I so hope we are wrong.

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