Sunday, September 03, 2017


Sunday breakfasts are a tradition in our couple.

We may stay in bed reading or checking the internet until hunger strikes.

Rick prepares it usually while I watch BBC's Dateline.

This Sunday's was especially good and will never be duplicated.


The combination of leftovers combined with his airlight scrambled eggs.

A small piece of ham from lunch was cut up in the delicately chopped and seasoned home fries.

There was pizza cheese melted on the bread bought so fresh from the bakery yesterday that it was still hot. He's brushed it with olive oil and browned it under the broiler.

A few teaspoons of Boston Baked Beans bought at the American store in Geneva last month and only served this week. No matter that they had been canned and not baked in my great grandmother's bean pot.

And we could eat on the patio. Until now it has been too hot, but a few fall breezes have lowered the temperature.

Yesterday we refinished the furniture.

A perfect lazy Sunday morning.

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