Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Apple 10 Slave makers

$1000 are they kidding? For a telephone?

What if you already have a working one? Why would you throw $1000 on a new phone that doesn't do the dishes, make the beds and wash the floor?

If I had an extra $1000 I would use for any of these things or divide it between them:
  • Pay off a credit card
  • Reduce my mortgage
  • Pay down my student loan
  • Reduce my debt on my car
  • Donate to a worthwhile charity
However, I don't have on those loans. At the risk of sounding smug, because I don't fall for the need to have the latest stuff shoved at me by a corporation who wants to fool me into thinking I'm cool to have it, I don't have any of those debts. I buy cars and property with cash. My credit cards are paid off every month so interest charges don't make bargains very expensive.

I have savings to allow me to live free.

By not having debts I was not a slave to a bad employer or even a good one.

I had options.

I never sang, I owe, I owe so off to work I go.

I don't need to be cool.

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