Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Hunters save 2

FOREST, DE--Hunters saved two people, a grand mother and an eight-year old child from certain death, this morning.

John Malden and Aidan Staples were out hunting when they heard screams coming from a cabin in the woods near Ely Pond.

The rushed over to the cabin which was in total chaos. A wolf in a nightcap was chasing Amber Red around a bed. The wolf, they said was wearing a nightcap. The nightcap had belonged to Amber's grandmother who was tied up in a closet.

The hunters subdued the wolf.

"He wanted to eat me," Amber told reporters.

"The grandmother was too old and tough to eat," the wolf said as he was led away by forest rangers.

"I met him on the way to Grandma's house," Amber said. "I was bringing her this basket of goodies." She pointed to a basket that had been overturned. Brownies, apples, a bottle of juice were on the floor.

"Mummy told me not to talk to strangers, but he seemed so nice and asked me where I was going." She wiped tears from her eyes.

The Grandmother, who had been recovering from the flu and was taken to the hospital to make sure she wasn't in any danger from her trauma, told reporters later in the day, "The wolf knocked. When I opened the door, he overpowered me and tied me up." She still had marks on her face from the tape where the wolf had gagged her.

"The worse part was I could hear everything. Amber said things like 'What big ears you have, Grandma and big teeth. Really, the kid can't tell the difference between me and a wolf. I told her mother she needed glasses." Mrs. Hood will be released from the hospital today.

The Wolf will be arraigned in court on Monday.

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