Thursday, September 21, 2017

golf, etc.

We're spending a month in Scotland. I came for the writers, the history and the feel of this wonderful country.

Rick came for the golf. This is not a complaint.Today is the day he is to play, the first rounds of many I hope.

When we woke the rain was slathering down. I could still see the giant tree out of the window, that I had thought was a small hill.

"I like playing in the rain, he said. "It keeps the people off the course." In realty, he said women not people, but if I wrote that he would sound like a male chauvinist pig, which he definitely is NOT!

We still had time for our gentle-into-morning routine of books, tea and biscuits. Just as I was about to sip my tea, I read Bill Bryson mentioning tea and biscuits. Although the book was written in 1991, he also wrote of Donald Trump.

Rick went happily off to his golf game, I am happily using the rainy day to write.

Life is good!

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