Tuesday, September 26, 2017


21 August 2017-26 September
Finally! The book, Coat Hangers and Knitting Needles, is coming together—in my mind anyway. I see an end to the chapter subjects I want to write.

When it is done I want to send it to every Supreme Court Justice and legislator that wants to outlaw abortion and reduce women's health choices.

It is not that abortion is a good thing. It is one of a group of bad choices a pregnant woman faces, but from the beginning of recorded history, there have been abortions, many through horrible methods leading to death.

Laws won't stop it. My wish would be that methods to stop pregnancy would be available to everyone and when a child is born there will be support for the mother as it is in other countries such as early child care, allowances, mothers (or fathers) able to stay home from work because of a sick child, good health care and affordable education.

I concentrated on Jane, the group that helped women get safe abortions in the Chicago area pre-Roe v. Wade. One of the founders is still alive and continues her work as social activist. I wrote her to ask for clarifications on certain points. Different articles which I read said different things. She answered immediately with new information as well. 

I wonder how many other groups like this existed but disappeared after Roe v. Wade. If abortion is made illegal I am sure the same thing will happen. Groups to save women’s lives will spring up underground. 

I also worked on the Dr. Curtis Boyd chapter. He worked with the Clergy Consultation Service (CSS) and at 80+ is still working. I thought of contacting him but he is in so many documentaries and videos that I have his direct quotes, more than I can use. 

I went on to Dr. Grimes chapter who reinforced the number of beds where hospitals kept treating women whose abortions had gone wrong. He talked about a hospital that had two separate private rooms for women who were dying—they allowed them to have time with their families during their last moments.  He has international credentials.
I joined an abortion support group on Facebook. It is clear that women’s emotions before and after their abortions vary. Because women are looking for support emotionally and for physical information none of the simple sayings by either the pro-life or pro-choice are 100% valid. 

  • Some women feel only relief
  • Some feel sadness
  • Some feel both and everything in between
It is clear that any unwanted pregnancy leads to a selection of choices, none of which will ever be undone. Few have happily ever afters including those women who give birth.

 If I could wave a magic wand I would make sure only women who wanted to get pregnant did so, all babies would be wanted and healthy

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