Wednesday, September 27, 2017


If I did not come from a fanatic golfing family I would swear my husband Rick was bonkers.

I understand why he wanted to play the Old Course at Saint Andrews, the home of golf starting from the 15th century. At least it was until 1457 when James II banned it because young men were ignoring their archery for the sport. Once he was captivated by the sport, he lifted the ban.

Our month in Edinburgh was going to be the best way to fulfill his dream.

Problem. There were no free slots on the course and never any for a single, BUT we learned that by waiting in line any free space would be given out.

Rick booked us into the Old Course Hotel overlooking the course. After a quick meal he was off for a walking tour.

When he came back he gave me his own tour. Still the question remained...Would he be able to play?

At 11:30 he put on leggings, slacks, rain slacks, two pairs of socks, a shirt, another shirt, another shirt at which point I stopped watching.

He kissed me goodbye and left to make sure he would be first in line standing outside in the cold and sometimes rain.

At 7 the next morning he was back, a smile that could have replaced the electrical lights in the entire second floor.

His tee-time was 12:20. I went up to the bar where I could get a lunch, drink lots of tea and watch for him to play by.

I wasn't sure if this was him or not, but I thought I saw his hat, his beard, and a bit of his hair sticking out.

It was. His dream has been preserved on the internet for ever.

Do I think he was bonkers to spend all night in the cold and rain.

Yes. I love him for it. Following a dream is the best way to live life.

He has a dueling blog at

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