Wednesday, October 04, 2017


A character in Joanne Harris's Blue-eyed Boy plunged her hands into a button box. Memories of my grandmother's button box came flooding back. On rainy days, it could provide hours of amusement, arranging the buttons into designs: shapes, things, people, adventures.

She also cut the design linings out of envelopes and with scissors and paste I could make collages or clothes for my paper dolls. I loved the swirls of color and patterns.

I tried keeping a button box as an adult, cutting them off clothing that was too old to give to the Salvation Army. The problem was when I needed  a button I never found enough to look the way I wanted things to look. I would go out and buy more buttons, consigning the rejects to the box.

So much for Yankee frugality.

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Maria said...

My mother had a button drawer in the old, turn-of-the-century Singer sewing machine we had. We bought the sewing machine from a Puerto Rican woman who must have been around ninety, in the early 70's. We sold it to a friend when we moved to Spain. The button drawer was a favorite place to play for me, too.