Friday, October 13, 2017

Safety pins

Thursday's Household Adventure

For at least 20 years I've kept a pin in my sock and pin the pair together when I throw them into a wash.

A former housemate did it hso the washing machine wouldn't steal the sock. I do it because I'm too lazy to match them up.

This morning for the first time, I had a problem. The dryer had somehow twisted over the pin to hide it in a mass of material.

I struggled with it. Granted since chemo my hands function at less than 100%, but after I gave up and Rick tried, he too struggled.

Finally he was able to cut the little bit of metal and with more twisting and turning, freed my sock.

Final Score: Us 1 Safety Pin 0 

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Merc said...

Now why does this remind me of a certain book-in-the-sheets episode? ;)