Sunday, October 29, 2017


Today is my favorite day: the day I get the hour back that was stolen from me in the spring.

Okay, okay... I understand that it isn't really stolen or returned.

Our days are filled: chores like cooking, washing, cleaning.

We see friends, chat in caf├ęs.

We buy bread still warm at the bakery, meat from our local butcher.

We read, write, watch news or a DVD.

We even pay bills and take care of paperwork.

Almost every day we look at the clock and think...It's five o'clock or seventeen hours. Where did they day go?

Most people change their clocks before going to bed--or those that remember the change is today. I wait until 5 (17h) and think...NOW! I am given another hour.

I realize that clocks and time measurement is a man-made invention. Before anything walked the planet, the earth turned. Days grew longer or shorter all on its own.

Years of working and juggling life, child raising and modern life made me almost a slave to time.

But today, today I can look at the clocks still in summer time, and stick my tongue out. I have another hour.

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