Sunday, October 15, 2017

Men's health


Women Politicians to Solve Men's Health Issues

Washington, D.C.-- Women politicians from both sides of the aisle in the House and the Senate to study prostrate problems in men.

Only women will be on the committee, because as the chairman said, "We can best determine what men will need."

Testifying will be oncologists Dr. Ruth Ainsworth and  Dr. Ainsley Sampson and urologists Dr. Gina Masterson and Dr. Ann Sanderson.

They will discuss how a bad prostrates feels, prostrate problems and sex, pee pee problems from the male point of view.

Questions (from women only) can be sent directly to the committee chairman via their government office address.


Cutline: Men meet in a committee on woman's maternity health. The new committee is in response to only men dealing with women's problems.


Betty Haniotakis said...

An amusing idea.

Just a hint - the word is prostate. Prostrate has two major meanings - to throw oneself flat on the ground or to reduce (someone) to extreme exhaustion.

Jonny said...

What a weird article and even weirder conclusion. Can always count on Washington to make no sense!