Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Criminals will always get guns.

I need a gun to feel safe.

Let's take these two arguments separately. Yes, criminals will always get guns, but they will have to work harder. Other countries who have strict gun laws also have criminals who sometimes get guns, but no where in the same proportion as in the US.

One reason to feel safe to have a gun, is that too many other people have them and carry them. If they didn't have them, no one needs one to feel safe?

How safe?

Someone breaks into a home. The owner says "Wait a minute, I have to run upstairs and get my gun and load it. Don't take anything until I get back."

A robber holds a gun in my stomach. I say, "Wait a minute let me get the gun from my purse."

I believe that people should be allowed to have guns after a course in guns, qualifying on a shooting range, and can take one apart and put it together. They have  to pass a written test not that much different from getting a drivers license. Each type of gun needs a separate license. All guns must be insured--the insurance companies would love that.

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