Friday, October 27, 2017


The first time I was aware of men as attackers was when I was 11.

I was at the dentist, always an unhappy experience. He did not believe in Novocaine.

He began to dry his non-wet hands on future breasts, his fingers closing and opening on the towel covering my blouse. When I told my mother, we changed dentists. Strangely, my mother, who was overprotective to the point of absurdity, said the same thing happened to her. Why she sent me to that dentist I will never understand.

One of my first professional jobs in the 70s, the head of accounting was known to hire assistants for their breast sizes. They put up with it, until one woman went screaming to HR. He was fired, something that amazed the rest of the staff.

A another firm "watch out for the CEO" was part of the introduction to the company for all pretty young women.

There have been bosses who delight in telling dirty jokes and expect laughter. Most weren't funny.

My experiences are minor compared to many but there are too many then and now. Will it get better or will the issue die away as most news stories?

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