Friday, April 26, 2013

Youtube and Ground Hog Day

In a way youtube is a bit like the movie Ground Hog Day. Movies, TV shows, music that we almost forgot all can be recaptured with the click of a mouse.

Last summer my housemate and I were walking on the beach in Argel├Ęs. A fire was raging just south of us in Spain when we watched first one than another and another and another Spanish planes swoop down and pick up water.

Yesterday, I relived the moment on youtube when I was hoping to find old You Are There programs. Afterall Howdy Doody with Clarabell and Princess Sommerfallwinterspring were available. I even found Ivo Robic's Morgen.

As a kid You Are There was my favourite program. The narrator would treat a historical event as if the news were covering it live. The reporting of the execution of Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to my lifelong love affair with history.

And I found it. There was no real video, for this was the radio not the television version.

As a child I never dreamed I would be able to walk the floors where Mary walked, stood where she stood when her secretary and the rumoured father of her child was murdered as she watched. 

As an adult I never dreamed I would be able to hear the program again.

I wish the series would be recreated. History as entertainment might help bring a change to those that those who do not history are doomed to repeat it and we would repeat less mistakes of the past.

Relistening to the program I was as entranced as I had been as a grade school child.

Ground Hog Day, youtube I love you.

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