Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friendship and circles

I think shared friendships are like concentric circles in wonderful colors.

I had an email from my housemate J raving about her evening with Marina, Yousef, Sally, Paul and D. 

The group included Syrians, Swiss, Americans and Brits. Table seating had some language considerations with Arabic, French, English and Italian. Only one attendee spoke all four, the others spoke two or three.

Marina was my friend and neighbor when I lived near the airport. She later moved to Paris but visited me in J's house where she became J's friend too.

Sally (and husband Paul) were J's friends, but became mine after lots of shared meals. 

Marina met S&P when she spent Christmas at J's house only J wasn't there. 

Yousef is the new kid on the block as Marina's husband. D is another neighbor, new to the group.

Thru Marina I've met her friends and family in Damascus both there and in Geneva. J has come to know some of Marina's Syrian friends as well.

I think I missed a wonderful evening, but I'm happy

Every new layer of friendship expands the rainbow of our lives.

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