Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spoon or cream?

Or both?
Mini-mosquitoes are munching on Rick. I've bites on my legs and arms, my forehead and cheek. They are a breed that sneak up on you and don't have the buzzing sound that gives one a swatting chance of escape by pummeling them into another existence.

Thus we are scratching in tandem. There are two itch reducers that seem to working. One is the cream that my housemate J introduced to me. I've only seen Fenistil in Switzerland, but fortunately have two tubes with me.

The other is to dip a spoon into hot water and hold it on the bite. They (the great they that says a lot about everything) that it breaks down the protein in the bite. The problem with the spoon is it burns.

Still a few seconds discomfort for relief is more than worth it. 

As for which is better...I really don't know. Relief is relief.

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Susanne said...

You could try a "Click Don't Scratch"

It puts a tiny electric charge through the bite - don't ask me how it works, but it does! Chinese White Flower Oil is quite good And for a very interesting sensation you could combine the two - but that is only recommended for very serious cases!