Tuesday, August 18, 2015

See, see what it is like

Poetic justice?

It may be silly but whenever Rick, J, S, S or Llara fly, I'm mentally in the cockpit with the pilot making sure they are kept safe. After all I do have one simulator flight experience so I'm sure I am of great help at least at a psychic level.

When they are on the ground, I love a call so I know I can go off duty because they are safe.

Rick, however, did have the tendency to call or text me almost to the "I put my left foot forward," "I sat in a chair." "I'm at the gate."

Anyone who knows me, knows I despise all telephones. Fb me, email me, Skype me BUT don't call except for emergencies, or "I'm on the ground" or "I arrived."

His phone went off. A message from Llara, "I'm on the ground in Dublin."


He took two steps. A second message "Do you want anything?"

Answer "just you," I told him.

He did and took two more steps toward the bathroom.

Another message. "Going for coffee."

Maybe not the poetic justice that Pope was talking about but a bit of see what is likedom that makes me chortle.

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