Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wild pancackes reborn

Over the last decade or so RB2, and I often went to a creperie in the mountains about a 15 minute drive up a mountain.

It was terraced between cork and olive trees with a brook trickling down the mountain early in the season, but a rock panorama later in the summer when the sun had dried up the water.

Alas, the restaurant closed.

However, RB2 found a new restaurant just a few feet from the other. It is a shack really with tables and views of the mountains that are almost as delicious as the food.

Equally intriguing were the animals, a cat from a neighbor who tested his chances of a treat from the diners, geese and chickens, and a cat-dog standoff.

So it wasn't the wild pancakes we were used to but good chicken, shrimp and salads.

And how can it not be wonderful to eat good food in magic surroundings with people I love?

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