Friday, August 14, 2015

Guest FATCA blog

This is from Daniel Kuettel, a fellow plaintiff 
suing the IRS over FATCA

For my birthday, I wish for an American diaspora-friendly America. Normally, this shouldn't be something that one would wish for, one would think, since it shouldn't be necessary. Why would a nation not support its own kind?

Yes, today is my birthday. Normally, I don't broadcast this, but today is different and it's not the storm outside, nor that I'm 43.
Today, the DOJ blamed Rand Paul and 5 other plaintiffs, along with myself, for being FATCA victims. Yet, it's not our fault, nor the fault of my ten year old daughter. She just wants to have a local kiddie account like any other kid, just like how her one year old brother already has one. Yet, the DOJ feels that it can't catch terrorists unless it threatens her, but not my son, with cruel and unusual punishment. «maximum penalty to $100,000... assists law enforcement and the IRS in identifying... Terrorism»
Excuse me, but she is only 10 years old! My family resides under the jurisdiction of Swiss law enforcement. We don't live in America. Switzerland is a peaceful nation with limited crime and low corruption. It's law enforcement is perfectly capable of preventing crime, and it doesn't threaten innocent little local children about "terrorism" for having local kiddie accounts. So, why is my daughter subject to such treatment and not my son? Because of citizenship status discrimination, given that my son is not a US citizen. 
He was born after I had to renounce US citizenship due to discrimination to refinance my mortgage. Is that fair?
Neither my spouse nor myself are US citizens. We don't live in America and we comply with local laws. So, why does the DOJ state that the US government would harm our child simply because she is a US citizen who is not allowed to renounce, if her Swiss citizen parents living in Switzerland do not yield to the foreign threats of a foreign regime?
"The reporting requirement would be hers, and any harm to the account is a detriment to her... the Kuettel family’s reluctance to comply with the FBAR requirements"» 
I could go on, but it's my birthday. Americans deserve better than this!

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