Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If you want to make God laugh...

Tell him your plans...

Well that was true when our plans were a quiet summer with friends in Argelès with friends, beach time, a bit of exploration.
  • What did we get?
  • A mammogram
  • A biopsy
  • A Pet sccan
  • An MRI
  • A sonargram
  • A stone-packed gall bladder that doctors thought were cancer but wasn't. At least it's gone.
  • A mastectomy
  • Physio
This will be followed by chemo and radiation in case a cell escaped starting next month

Now in between this there has been much good.
  • A good trip back to Geneva
  • Time with Swiss-based friends
  • A trip to Yvoire
  • A trip to Evian and a street art festival
  • Great meals at misc. restaurants
  • Walks along the lake
  • Several good books
  • A new laptop which has all the letters (I wore the letters off the old one)
  • An incredible house concert by young musicians
  • Standing up against FATCA 
  • A birthday party for me
  • A birthday party for J
  • Celebration of our 2nd commitment ceremony anniversary
  • Amusement  by Cléa and Babette, the house cats
  • Working with my exboss on his memoires
  • A final edit for Murder in Schwyz, due out next year
  • Many color safaris for photos for with Flying Colors, a Facebook page with friends
  • Knowledge my kid will be here
  • Despite the cancer meeting wonderful nurses and doctors and having interesting experiences in an incredibly good
You will notice that the good list is so much better than the bad. Also each of the good experiences lasted a lot longer than the other stuff. So even if the original plans didn't work out, the summer hasn't been wasted at all.


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