Monday, August 10, 2015

The Spider

We'd noticed a spider web attached from the mirror to the side of the car but kept forgetting to wipe it away.

As we were driving, I noticed a small brown spider hanging on as it tossed and turned in the wind,

At a traffic light, it skedaddled behind the mirror.

I was curious about spiders so I checked Wikipedia who said. "Male spiders identify themselves by a variety of complex courtship rituals to avoid being eaten by the females. Males of most species survive a few matings, limited mainly by their short life spans. Females weave silk egg-cases, each of which may contain hundreds of eggs. Females of many species care for their young, for example by carrying them around or by sharing food with them. A minority of species are social, building communal webs that may house anywhere from a few to 50,000 individuals. Social behavior ranges from precarious toleration, as in the widow spiders, to co-operative hunting and food-sharing... spiders live for at most two years."

Now some people are terrified of spiders including my brother, who looks far too burly to be scared of anything.

I'm neutral but I wish I could have asked if that spider had a friend named Charlotte. 

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