Wednesday, June 15, 2016


When I saw this on the web, I thought "isn't that adorable."

For a while I've been thinking about instead of inviting people for lunch or dinner, how about breakfast?  I could do my oatmeal bread or bagels, etc. 

And wouldn't it be wonderful if I could serve eggs that looked like this.

I ordered the molds, and had them sent to my daughter to hand carry them from the US when she visited last month.

"You'd better experiment before asking people over," my husband said.

It was a good thing he did considering the early experiments. It looks like the owl had been hit in the and suffered massive hemorrhages. 

But today, I almost got it right. My owl was almost there. 

The secret?

Fill the mold with white including the eyes and only when it hardens add the yolk eyes.

Will I be able to produce enough to serve guests? I need more practice.

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