Saturday, June 18, 2016

Species Racism

We were on a walk and had to duck thru a sprinkler. On the other side of the sidewalk was a swarth of weeds being watered.

"I don't understand why they water weeds." my husband said.

"Look closely. They're beautiful," I said. And the flowers were softly colored. The leaves were tiny and delicate.

I love dandelions...They are spectacular yellow. Their leaves make a great salad. I even like their earthy smell, yet people designate them as weeds. Having a lawn full made me happy--not so much my neighbors.

We walked a little further. My husband said, "Species, racism." 

Weeds can be defined as a species of any type that are unwanted. It seem to me an analogy that we demonize one human group over another as well. Whites are better than blacks, weeds are better that flowers, but weeds can be flowers too.

In the plant world, I am sure a weed angry at being called a weed once too often, being pulled up from a lawn, takes a gun and shoots a carrot. 

At least not yet.


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