Saturday, June 11, 2016

Impromtu picnic

"Bon appétit," I said as I walked by my favorite green grocers. I was on the way to the supermarket to buy things that aren't sold by the local baker, butcher or green grocers. 

It was 1:30. All the French were home eating, the best time to shop when the store is empty of people.

Elisabeth, the owner of the green grocer and her son, who helps his mother between his law school university classes, were sitting next to the cash register eating their lunch.

"Do you like rabbit?" Elisabeth asked. 

I nodded.

Before I knew it, I was sitting next to her handsome son Daniel, munching down rabbit and a roasted and well seasoned aubergine,  chatting away.

Any guilt for interrupting the few quiet moments that they can find, was swept away as I finished my serving.

Out came the the cheese from their case and bread to finish the meal.

I knew Rick was planning a special lunch, but suddenly from behind I received a giant hug. He was walking down to meet me and help me carry what I hadn't bought yet.

Although the rabbit and aubergine were now a memory, he was handed cheese and bread, a crate was pulled up for him to sit on as we continued chatting.

He will cook his special meal tomorrow. He knows minutes like this are to be savored not just for the good food, but for the warmth of people whom we share these times with.

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