Thursday, June 02, 2016

I never bathe

"I want to change my room. It has no bath, no shower," the American said to the French hotel manager Daniel, a man whose eyes out-twinkled the best Santa. He was roly-poly  like Santa too.

"Madame, I regret we are full."

"Maybe I can change with someone who has a bathtub."

"Our rooms only have showers," he said. After she'd left he said to me in French, "She has the best room in the hotel."

I have only had one bath in the last 60 years.

No, I don't stink. I shower almost daily and sometimes twice depending.

I adore passionately a shower with hot water streaming down my back, lathering myself with whatever body wash smells wonderful.

My ex-boss and I used to often start conversations with "While I was in the shower..." Both of us used to get ideas during our morning showers. I have always started my writing day while showering sometimes concentrating so long, that my skin pukered.

After seeing a program with someone relaxing in a bath about 15 year ago, I thought I would try. It looked wonderful.

I filled the tub with water and bubbles, lit blue candles to match the tile, put Enya on the CD-player.

This should be wonderful I thought, after a tiring day.

I stepped in.

The heat was warming after being outside in the a cold winter air.

I sank into the water with only my head above the bubbles.

Enya's voice drifted from the other room.

The candles flickered.

I shut my eyes thinking I would relax maybe plan the night's writing.


What I thought was -- I am sitting in my own body dirt. Juices from inside, perhaps a rear end wiped only 99% clean despite best efforts is bringing things I don't want onto the rest of me. Never mind sweat nor the smell of garlic that I cut up when I was cooking and was still on my hands despite washing. Who knows what other bacteria might be swirling around in the water instead of being washed away.


I felt dirty. I jumped up and turned on the shower as the bubbles slipped down the drain.

The water drowned out Enya as I planned what I would write after I dried off.

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