Sunday, June 19, 2016


A month and a half ago we began our quest for a picnic basket. We wanted each item in it to contain a memory. No store bought basket can do that.

Our method was to ferret out all the items at vide greniers (French flea markets). Sunday mornings would find us visiting nearby villages where the vide greniers were taking place.

Our first purchase was extra special at the May1 Argel├Ęs vide grenier. They were owned by our good friend May, who had put a table outside her back door. We will think of her every time we use them.

The hardest item was the basket. Some were pretty but not strong enough. And they weren't all that common. Some of our friends offered to look for us when they went vide greniering.

Today we were heading to the vide grenier at Sainte Marie de la Mer. 

As we rounded the corner walking to the parking lot we noticed many too many people for an ordinary Sunday. 

Then we saw all the tables set up.

"Did you see anything about a vide grenier here?" Rick asked.

I hadn't. "Let's check it out." And there it was, the perfect basket. The price was two Euros ($US1.12, £.78).

We still went to Sainte Maire de la Mer where we found the blanket to sit on during our picnics.

If the wind dies down I hope we can do our first picnic later in the week at the pine grove near the beach. Then there is a beautiful lake not far. And on our trips to Geneva we can pack a lunch and stop at the picnic grounds along the autoroute, or off the autoroute if we decide to check out this or that place.

Let the picnics begin.

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