Friday, June 17, 2016

Sick to death

I'm sick to death of death.

I am not talking about those I've personally lost: Archer, Maud, Dar, Mother, Jimmy, Norma, Mardy, Eva, Sam, Bill, Pat, Barbara, Dan -- friends and family whom I will always miss. Many of those deaths released them from pain.

I am aware as I age, this will happen more and more. I treasure their memories. I treasure the people still with me.

The deaths that are haunting me are the ones that are blasted all over the television during the past week.

The police chief and his partner gunned down outside his home when he was off duty near Paris. French television showed their caskets, the presentation by President Holland of medals, the police in uniform, the Marseilles being played. 

The victims are not there to hear. is almost ho hum, another day another mass shooting, thoughts and prayers, blah blah blah.

The victims are not there to hear.

Jo Cox in the UK. A good MP, one that was a representative, not a phony leader. We must remember that MPs, Congressmen are representatives not leaders for they don't.

The victim is not there to hear.

The blah blah blah is boring because it accomplishes nothing to prevent the next senseless killing. 

How do you end hate? I wish I knew.

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