Monday, June 06, 2016

My imaginary farmhouse

For decades I've owned an imaginary farmhouse.

A small creek that burbles outside, a vegetable garden and wild strawberries grow next to the house. The back sports an inset flagstone patio with a New England type stone wall that leads to the pine forest behind.

The house is close enough to the village to bike in for fresh baked bread.

Although there is never any problems with electricity or plumbing, if there were the local plumber and electrician would show up within an hour of being called and fix the problem. (This is France and I told you it was imaginary.)

Why do I have an imaginary farmhouse?

I am a minimalist and buy as little as possible and when I do the things must meet one, two or all three conditions.
  • Be useful
  • Be beautiful
  • Hold a memory
However, over the years I have found things I love. I "buy" them in my imagination for my imaginary farmhouse (another advantage is that they never, ever have to be dusted.)

At the vide grenier (empty attic/flea market) I saw two things I loved.

The butter churn is above. It was only 50 Euros and I was tempted to buy it in reality but we have no place for it. I plan to make butter soon, strawberry butter too, but I suspect my food processor will be a lot easier.

Below is a child's hobby horse. It would be perfect for the nursery on the second floor of my imaginary farm house, not that I am planning to have any imaginary children, but if I did, they would come with automatic changing nappies.

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