Friday, July 01, 2016

15 excuses

It isn't that I haven't started the new novel, Day Care. I have 2,000 words, a good idea of the characters and the story. I plot as I go, while others may have the whole thing worked out. Sometimes my endings are a surprise to me.

Right now I will sit down to write and although I know what I want to write, I think of reasons not to.

1.   Gotta check Facebook
2.   Gotta check/write emails
3.   Gotta check several newsites
4.   Good time to iron (desperate excuse)
5.   The dishwasher needs emptying
6.   The washing machine needs emptying
7.   Start lunch
8.   Run around the corner for (...)
9.   Play a computer game
10. Maybe a friend has posted a new blog
11. Get a piece of chocolate for my husband
12. Read a chapter
13. Read a New Yorker
14. Listen to a youtube
15. Research something, anything...

I am trying a new trick to do away with the excuses. I take the laptop to my bed and won't leave until I do xxx or xxxx words.

Will it work?

On verra.

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