Sunday, July 31, 2016

Night ride

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It seemed like a good idea to drive home in Geneva all night from Southern France.

After all, it was the transfer weekend where half the country on holiday drives north to end their holidays, and the other half is driving south to start theirs. By midnight most of them should have reached their destinations.

And it would be hot, sticky ride during the day for anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on the breaks.

Rick went into body clock change mode, sleeping a good part of the days and staying awake nights prior to leaving.

Midnight struck. Our car did not turn into a pumpkin. Instead it was loaded with computers and a few things we wanted in Geneva.

I can fall asleep on a ride to the grocery down the street, but I managed to stay awake at least part of the trip.

We were right. The temperature was great and traffic minimal.


It started to rain. The car was attacked by a branch. Despite Rick's night-awake training he was failing. "I'd like to pull over and take a nap," he said.

Of course, I agreed. The rest stop was almost deserted and both of us slept an hour. If anyone pulled into next to us they did not notice us. Probably no one did.

We had a mini picnic with pain au chocolate before moving on.

The rain had lessened. Daylight revealed the mountains around Grenoble.The scenery is always spectacular.

We saw our Genève sign telling us we were getting closer.

We rolled into our driveway at 8:35.

Will we do a night drive again? I have no idea.

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Maria said...

After suffering temperatures around 40º from Burgos to Lleida when we drove to Barcelona two years ago, if we ever do so again, it will either be at night, or in a totally different month. Or in car with potent air conditioning!