Monday, July 04, 2016

Cameras and me

The first camera I used was when I was a cub reporter with The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune. It was a Graflex and heavy.  I weighed 85 pounds and had trouble holding it still which created anxiety for me as I waited for my photos to be developed. My editor was great at growling over my fuzzy photos.

The newspaper bought me a light weight Minolta Autocord and the fuzziness went away even if I didn't know what I was doing.

I was assigned to take a photo of the ophthalmologist, who had been selected to reenact Paul Revere's ride. Before I could return to the city room he had called and yelled at my editor for sending a "12-year old with a Brownie. He was a busy man and he didn't want his time wasted."

The photo, which was great, made the front page. The good doctor called and asked for copies of the photo and even the negatives. My editor "lost" them. No one, but him, put down one of his reporters, cub or regular.

A girl friend and I wanted to take an adult education photography course, but we couldn't afford a camera. Thus the mystery of F-stops and lens selection stayed that.

I began taking a few photos when my daughter was born and documented her growth thru the years. Most of them have her in a dress and those are the only times she wore a dress. She preferred her cat burglar look, jeans and a blue jersey.

When I covered conferences for CU Times, they hired a photographer. Photos were not in my skill set. We hired a photographer.

Then the digital camera came out.

I am never without one and find hundreds of things to take but no selfies. I find them boring. I like to find moments of beauty, something I could use as a prod for a writing exercise or an unusual portrait.

And in Facebook's group with Flying Colours, each week we have a theme and I go on photo safaris.
This week it is two photos that show a before and active with something yellow.

 Lake Lehman in Morges.
 Keys in a hotel lobby would make a great writing prod.
A portrait of a man and his dog.

My camera is nothing special but it slips in my pocket ready for use. I sometimes get frustrated that it is slow and the zoom is limited.

My husband just bought a wonderful camera, and his first uses of the zoom captured cats four stories up as they watched for birds and rested in the gutters. The detail on the whiskers.

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