Thursday, July 21, 2016

To be or not to be

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In our case it will be or won't be and not our choice. We want to go to Abu Dhabi to see the landing of the Solar Impulse, the totally solar powered plane that has spent the last year flying around the world with two pilots alternating behind the controls.

They are in Cairo waiting for the right weather conditions. Had they left earlier, we would have not been able to go because of Rick's news assignments and my final proofing of Murder in Schwyz deadlines.

If they delay too long, we have obligations in Geneva the first week in August. If it is after that, than we can go.

If we hear in the next few days they've taken off, it won't take us long to book a conventional plane and make hotel reservations. Throw stuff in the suitcase and off we'll be.

If they wait too long in the month, it will be on our list of things we didn't do (sigh). However, with all the things we do do, we know that life holds other adventures for us. We can celebrate their accomplishments from afar and be happy we ALMOST made it.


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