Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yea Boo Part II

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 Another Yea:Boo day...

Yea: Calm morning.

Yea: The antique desk for sale at the Depot Vente I saw a week ago plus was still there. We were able to find the kitchen table and a chest to replace the Ikeaish things we had. Just what we wanted. A four hundred year old kitchen, although modernized, deserves authentic old.


Yea: The owner saw me admiring a beautiful handmade paper book. He gave it to me.

Boo: The bank said I would have to go to Perpignan to change the 50 Euro note that is ink stained.

Boo:  Over two hour wait in the doctor's office.

Yea: Clean body no sign of cancer.

Boo: Tried Cresendo for a late lunch. Strange system, pay then walk by the food. Nothing looked good. Poor was his day to cook. We came home and I made him pasta and a salad to make up for being such a pill. Over all I am not a fan of chain restaurants and maybe it was Barbara's ghost because she hated the supermarket attached to Crescendo.  

Yea: Temporarily solved editing problem for my novel Murder in Schwyz due out in October.

Yea:  Ball at La Place de La Republique. Lovely watching all ages dance around the square. Did a bit ourselves. Marco, our resident alcoholic artist showed me a portrait he'd done of me.

Yea: Life goes on. That is truly a gift.

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