Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Vanity and a look

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 I'm the first to admit I'm vain. I want to look my best. 

Now that my hair is growing (I call it chemo chic) I've changed my look and I love that people tell me that I look good. And some tell me others have said to them how great I look. 

I don't plan to ever be a red head again. I will keep  it white and short with big earrings. I have purchased some new clothes from the marché. The outfit in the photo cost 30 Euros. I also bought a pair of pants, top and belt at the marché for a total of 15 Euros.

As a writer and at my age I can afford to be eccentric.

The only problem with the big earrings is that when the Tramatane is blowing behind me the earrings tend to slap me in the face. 

Keeps me from taking myself too seriously.


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