Thursday, December 01, 2016


J and I tried for four "adventures" a year. We've done some great ones and some silly ones including:
  • Nine days in Iceland where we tasted an iceberg
  • A night in a château with only the servants
  • A trip to concentration camp
But life intervened and this past weekend we took our first in over a year. This was to Freiburg, Germany.

Our adventures always start with breakfast at the local bakery.

We pay for our  adventures from the pouch. We throw money in it when we decide not to go to lunch or out for coffee for example. When we can't decide who owes what it goes into the pouch...
The objective was the Christmas market. The architecture, the buzz of things like a giant bubble blower were all part of the enjoyment.

Our BnB was on the Strassenbahn line and a day pass and ten minutes travel into the city center eliminated all parking place problems.

As always I lit a candle for my beloved stepmom in the Cathedral. Then I set down and while I watched the flickering I felt such a sense of peace. The next day we went back for the organ concert.

Good food and wine served in the typical green-stemmed glasses were a must along with the obligatory afternoon Coffee and Kuchen. Ours was a Himbeere Crumble.

I don't know we accidentally crossed the border back into Switzerland but a hotel hunt turned into another adventure within our adventure and we ended up at a great.

The next day our goal was an antique fair at the Paul Klee Museum in Bern.
Both of us were amused to find a bronze baby shoe and explain to the dealer that in the 40s and 50s in the US it was normal to bronze your baby's first shoes. Usually it was the first baby. I no longer have mine.

And then it was home to Geneva along the lake with oh and ah views of the Alps.

Now for the next adventure we will. . .

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