Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quelle année 3

The last part of the year was best -- a complete contrast to the first part. It was wonderful to feel good again. Of course, this was in contrast to the most depressing US election in my lifetime, drone attacks and other world horrors. Sometimes, I think I should feel guilty to have such personal happiness against what is happening outside my cocoon.

September 2016
As the last of the summer people were leaving, there was a farewell dinner in the vineyards overlooking the sea. No matter how chilly it was it was fun.

Lydia and I made Eva's relish, a treasured recipe from the past. A couple of jars were for gifts, but we will horde the rest.

October 2016

We became nomads. Our first stop was Boston to scoop my daughter. A memory I will treasure always was my friend Bruce and me reading the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere at the site of the Battle of Lexington. Time with friends is always too short, but no less precious.

We spent time seeing the historic sights including Salem with all its kitschy witch stuff.

Rick and I spent a sunny fall afternoon wandering around Walden Pond, spying chipmunks and admiring the autumn colors.

We headed for Montreal with Llara where Rick saw his client, and we met up with a friend from Geneva.
She told us about a lantern display. There were hundreds of life size lanterns, each more spectacular than the one before. Serendipity.

On to see my mother-in-law and Rick's brothers and sister-in-law. His mom helped me find material for the reparations of the quilt my grandmother made me a half century ago. But best of all was just having time together.

Our last stop was Long Island with a friend that proves you don't have to agree to still be good friends. There we saw Teddy Roosevelt's house and I fell in love with rainbow bagels.

One of the reasons I adore my husband he makes sure I have time with my women friends. What fun to explore Long Island and its neat little tea rooms with Ro.

S'mores at your table was just one of the delights we discovered.

She and I took a long walk at a special reserve where we could  renew all the closeness we've shared in the past and hope to do in the future.

November 2016

First Berlin for a business conference. I really enjoyed my toe-dipping into the professional world again. No desire to do it up to the ankle. He and I do have a few professional projects together.

Then off to Prague just because we could. What a beautiful city. My only regret, I'd lost contact info for my Czech friends, but they contacted me later in the year.

Back in Geneva, Tummy, our landlady's cat quickly reestablished his right to our bed.

We didn't have the car with us, and the extra exercise of walking up the hill was not only good exercise it was a victory because a few months before even getting to the bottom of the hill was impossible.

Thanksgiving at Marro with guests visiting Julia and Scott eliminated any trace of homesickness, the only day of the year I feel it. Boston Latin won its football game, Reading High lost theirs. Checking the results is part of the tradition.

Rick finished my Journaling thru Cris video and I began to get the word out. It is designed to give people a coping tool no matter what kind of bad times they are going thru.

Julia and FINALLY did one of our adventures. This was to Christmas market in Freiburg and an antiques fair in Bern. She is a joy to travel with.

December 2016

Both of us were busy with writing but there was time for fun such as the Carpe Diem dinner theatre Quebec troop using the death of Marilyn Monroe as the subject. The Escalade celebrated throwing the French out of Geneva in 1602.

I read from Murder in Schwyz mid month before returning to Argelès, which this year transformed itself into a magic Christmas land. And Père Noël did his annual descent down the church tower.

Christmas itself was quiet with a dinner at home with one friend.

Tonight is New Year's Eve. I am about to prepare foie gras toasts to take to the house party where we will meet up with friends.

We make a big thing about a new year. In reality, it is just tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I am grateful for each one.

I wish for everyone a healthy, peaceful, safe year.

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