Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Johnny Halliday

At the marché, I'd picked up salt crystals and peppercorns for the new salt and pepper mills and decided to camp at La Noisette for a tartine and hot chocolate in case any friends wandered in.

I'd brought my Kindle and began Jody Picoult's new book. I glanced up and a man that looked so much like Johnny Halladay I gasped: hair, face shape, swagger, leather jacket, pants.

No guitar though. And Johnny who is older than I am but still the ultimate French rocker does not hang around Argelès. Also this man looked to be a few years younger.

Then he turned. On the back of his oldish leather jacket in faded letters was the name Johnny Halliday.

Before I could ask him why he was mimicking JH, he left.


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