Sunday, December 04, 2016

Dinner mystery

What fun!

A mystery performed in the middle of dinner. It was all centered around the death of Marilyn Monroe with the actors chatting to the dinners, always staying in character as someone Marilyn really knew. Great improv...when a man at our table sniffed the actor's drink, the actor sniffed the dinner's.

Each table had part to play as they ate their starters and beef dinner. One man was even tapped to be Frank Sinatra as the audience sang "New York New York" with help from a distributed word sheet. And each table had information to read about Marilyn's death. 

But the murder came at the end and we had to vote. Those who voted correctly were in a drawer for a prize.

The troop was from Quebec and mingled with the crowd as themselves during coffee.

The program was run by Carpe Diem (a great philosophy for living), a village group that sponsors activities. Can't wait until the next.

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