Monday, January 02, 2017


It's been 4.5 years since Rick and I reconnected, I think as I put down my Kindle and move into his arms for a quick cuddle before showering and starting our day.

We've had our tea and biscuit and exchanged various items we've read.

Once I'm in the shower, I think for the xxxxxxxxth time how lucky we are as a couple.

I've only half joked that we couldn't break up, because for too many people we are the fairy-tale marriage. They couldn't take our separation. I wouldn't want to break up either, because for me it is true that he made the great life (apologies to Trump) I had before him, even greater.

It's not that we're rich (money), far from it. But we have enough. By being frugal in most things we can afford those few luxuries such as travel or a meal in a good restaurant.

We are rich in each other. We are kind and considerate. We do small things for one another such as make sure our mate's towel and robe are preheated on the towel rack.

It holds true for big and small stuff.

We can be alone together, each pounding away at our writing (or in my case sometimes playing a computer game) within feet of each other with no idea the other is near by. When we finish we can share what we've done.

If getting up to see the sunrise on the beach only happens a few times, there are those more regular mini moments of pleasure: village walks at sunset, greeting friends on the street, a photo safari, watching the ducks a Lake LĂ©man is joy--far too many to list.

There are silly things such as the stuffed animals wedding, laughing at a DVD with burned popcorn or a water pistol fight.

We can handle the bad stuff that comes up in life, but see no need to seek it out.

Our smiles in the photo are not just for our camera. They are for our lives.


SJ Robins said...

Continuez, mes amis!

Vallypee said...

Just lovely. You hav a true friendship!