Monday, January 23, 2017


I always thought of myself as observant. As a writer I would listen to conversations and imagine stories. Once I even stayed on a train one more stop to see how a man and a woman resolved their holiday plans.

But I have never been as observant until I joined the Facebook page Flying Colours. It was started by a wonderfully creative woman who posted only photos where yellow was the prominent color for a week, than another and another color.

She opened it to others.

Every Saturday there is new theme. It doesn't have to be just color. Once it was grafetti. There has been a specific color combined with a number. Members take turns offering themes.

 Last week was copper.

Like most weeks, I start off thinking, not sure I can find much, but I go on photo safari and see things I would never have noticed. Yes, I would have seen the lamp in the photo above when I was in Montpelier, France, but I doubt if I would have noticed it was copper. Nor would I have looked as closely at the buildings on each side.

And in my search for copper stuff to photograph, I've seen things that I want to snap because,  just because.

My husband and I walk down the street and one of us will say, "Forest Green" or "Triangle" or whatever the week's theme is and the cameras will click. Usually, the person who spots it, gets to post it.

My former Swiss  housemate and a Long Island friend have joined. Often I see their photos and think ahhhh, I know that place. And I love the international connection because members are from all over the world.

This week the color is teal or turquoise.

The first photo was easy. It was my agenda. When it stops raining, let the next photo safari begin.

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