Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We use my old studio (The Nest) more as a guest room.We live in The Warren, a flat two doors down. .
Because we bought a lot of the furnishings when we bought the flat that were already there are things we never use.

In the Nest I selected everything for a reason with almost nothing extra.

"What you think of switching dishes," Rick asked. The set in The Nest had been selected over 30 years ago and colors of furniture, tile and everything else had been matched as close as the eye can detect. I love those dishes. The ones in The Warren are clear glass, nice but boring.

At first it seemed like a good idea, until I remembered the color matching. I also remembered that the tableware in The Warren was okay, a kinda hodgepodge BUT there was a double set belonging to my late mother in The Nest.

"I've an idea," I said to Rick. Let's switch knives, forks, etc. Then we can go dishware shopping at the vide greniers in the spring."

I'd been meaning to sort out the extra stuff in the silverware drawer for months, and it would be good chance to get rid of duplicated. I also wanted to get rid of the pizza cutter and ice cream scoop because scissors and a spoon work as well, but Rick loves both.

Rick went to The Nest and brought down the basket of tableware and the pewter pitcher I kept the cooking utensils in.

This is where memories come in. Every meal of my childhood that pitcher was water-filled on the table except for the spring where my mother and I picked so many violets that dotted the hillside on the way to the garden that it overlapped the edges. 

It will never be used for a pitcher again. A teeny hole is in the bottom. But it is still useful.

Now both places will be totally equipped but only The Warren will have a pizza cutter and ice cream scoop.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Wonderful post! I do love colorful dishes!

Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Wonderful post! I do love colorful dishes!