Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Today there is so much rush to judgment, the latest being Mrs. Trump as an abused wife, something none of us can know outside their marriage.

In Facebook arguments, everything becomes black and white, no room for nuance.

It is so easy to judge, to see a situation thru eyes that let in part of the story, or none of the story because our own views block out the reality.

It happened to both Rick and today. We were on the way to the beach. The truck in the photo was ahead of us.

He came to a rotary/roundabout. Instead of entering by turning right as he should have, the driver went left, skirting the rotary/roundabout.

"What is that idiot doing?" I thought. Rick had a similar reaction.

As we approached the rotary/roundabout we saw the driver had no choice. The right was blocked.

Had we stopped before we could see what the problem was, we would have continued to believe that the driver was an idiot. And even now he may be an idiot. We have no way of judging other than to see in that one situation he took the alternative available to him.

It was a good reminder to look deeper and to keep an open mind.

Rick has a dueling blog. http://lovinglifeineurope.blogspot.fr/2017/01/misperceptions-looking-at-things-in.html 

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