Thursday, January 12, 2017


I thought because I liked things neat I was OCD. I want my cosmetics lined up neatly in descending order. When we go to bed at night, I want the kitchen clean (but that has more to do with not wanting to start the day with a mess).

We had a postman that was OCD. He might make someone write and rewrite an address until it met his standard.

At the supermarket, I met a person with real OCD. She had a shopping cart full to the brim. I thought maybe as I stood there with two items, she might let me go ahead, but that was wishful thinking.

She unloaded her cart as if each can, bottle, package was a treasure. She would put the cans down on the belt with others like it all the labels in the same direction. The items would be twisted and turned until they were exactly identical.

She would start with the next category. Half way thru, she decided the second category should go before the first which meant more alignments to the cans. Then came two flat packages which had to be aligned with the sides of the conveyor belt a certain space apart.

The cans position still were not quite right. They went back into the shopping cart until everything else was right then they came at the end of the order in military precision. I was tempted to stay to see how she loaded them in her basket (in France we pack our own groceries) but I decided I had other things to do before bedtime.

I guess I am not OCD.

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