Friday, January 27, 2017


To say it has been rainy in Argelès the last few days, is an understatement. We have had patches of sun, just enough to spark hope.

Even the river, which is usually so dry that the circus tethers its camels and other animals there, was full, shutting off roads into the village.

Today, I thought I would walk to a friend's to return her Jonathan Creek videos and we'd go to the local offices to pick up our dump card. Yup, there was the sun.

Nope the sun was gone.

Change of plans.

Stay in and write.

"There must be a lot rain songs," I yelled to Rick as we ate lunch. Our table is under the skylight and the noise from the rain made it hard for even normal conversation.

"I don't need more rain sounds," he said.

"Songs, songs."

I checked youtube for rain songs. Here's what I found:
  • Singing in the Rain
  • Stormy Weather
  • Five feet high and Rising
  • A hard Rain is Gonna fall
  • Rain HQ
  • Rainy Night in Georgia
  • Who'll Stop the Rain
  • Rainy Days and Mondays
  • Fells Like Rain
  • Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
  • November Rain
  • Only Happy When it Rains
  • The Day the Rains Came Down
We are slated to go to the movies tonight. The theatre is about 75 steps from the house. I will wear my water wings.

Rick has taken to talking to the rain. He is has a dueling blog at

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