Friday, February 24, 2017


It is not true that when I became Swiss, I had to swear to eat lots of chocolate. But if I had, it would be no different from what I consume daily.

I've become a chocolate snob wanting a  percentage of cocoa in my chocolate bought in any pre-made bars. Never something like a Snickers or Mars bar, yuck will cross my lips. The best chocolates are handmade, Chocolate is not to be shoved into one's mouth piece, after piece, but to be savored, with maybe a one- piece treat after lunch, before bed or when a taste treat is needed.

When Rick and I were "lost" on the way to Argèles, we found ourselves in Voiron, a town of about 20,000 people south of Grenoble, He spied the La Maison Bonnat, a chocolatier.

I was intrigued by the beautiful tea pots and dishes in the window. The doorway had a beautiful mosaic entrance.

Going inside was like entering a time machine. My jeans and sweatshirt should have been magically replaced by a dress of La Belle Epoque to match the decoration which was perfect right up to the rose-colored molded ceiling.

The fragrance of chocolate did nothing to help us decide on what to buy. With great willpower, we limited ourselves to a mini-chocolate cake and ten pieces of black chocolate to be savored later.

Chocolate has been made by the Bonnat family since 1884. Their website
tells not only about the history of the store, but the history of chocolate from 1528 when Hernàn Cortès introduced it to the Spanish court. At one time it was even used for medicinal purposes when it was mixed with honey. I bet no child had to be begged to take his medicine.

The clerk, lovingly wrapped our purchases. As we left, she asked if we wanted to sample a piece.

"Mais, oui."

On a silver tray we chose between bite-size black chocolate squares. Rick chose a honey-filled and I selected a strawberry-filled.

Outside we let them slowly melt in our mouth. They coated our taste buds with chocolate for a while after.

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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

So true. Once you taste Swiss Chocolate your taste buds change forever.