Thursday, February 16, 2017

Christmas? Now?

Merry Christmas!

In February?

Why not.

Between travel and flu my former housemate, Rick and I never celebrated the holiday.

Thus last night was really the first chance to get together. We did goodies, champagne and a present exchange.

I was thrilled with my tiny, key ring flashlight and Rick is more than content with his battery recharger

My housemate has one more gift coming. I've ordered it three times and each time there have been delivery problems. This last order will arrive at a friend's house in Southern France so that I can pick up and take back to Geneva.

Then it may be Christmas in March, April, May...

This is a dueling blog with my former housemate

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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Hey, I think that is a great idea! Now going to check out that link of the blog you provided!