Monday, February 20, 2017


"Did you order sushi?" My Geneva landlady, who lives upstairs, stood at our door.

I wish I had, but we didn't. I told her no.

"Good, after I sent him away, I thought maybe I had sent your dinner away."

She went upstairs to her guests who weren't eating sushi either.

We have great landlords.

I have always preferred apartment living. When my landlady plays the piano, it is not a disturbance but a concert.

For 11 years I lived in what I called the international ghetto because so many of the residence worked at the alphabet UN agencies and NGOs within walking distance of the complex. It was a transient group because of transfers to other countries.

As a single working woman, I relished living alone, but at the same time, did not like isolation. Thus when anyone moved in I would take them flowers and invite them for coffee. In most cases this led to friendships and memories.

Years later I'm in touch with the Czech family. They used to have bread sent in with the diplomatic pouch and when I went home for lunch and to walk my dogs, there would be half a loaf on my door.

The Indian family I still see. Their daughter used to visit me every night to watch The Weakest Link. She is now a medical student in Edinburgh.

Timmy belonged to an English couple. I'd cat sit. He insisted on going out every night, all night. In the morning I would go right outside the lobby, jiggle my keys and he would keep running. The couple retired back to the UK, but have a place in Argelès not far from me. We even manage to be there at the same time sometimes.

My Syrian neighbor became more than a friend, but a family member of choice. She introduced me to her family, her country and her culture, enriching my life beyond measure.

In Argelès the houses touch. Built from the 17th century it is impossible not to know your neighbors because it is necessary to walk by them. Little-by-little friendships have developed.

Yup, neighbors are good things to have whether it a discussion on sushi delivery, an apèro or just a smile and a ça va as we pass.

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