Saturday, February 11, 2017


Prior to the 2016 election, no matter where in Europe Rick and I were, someone would approach us and ask us about Trump.

It happened almost daily sitting in numerous cafés in France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Czech. Or sometimes it was asked in a store or even waiting for a bus.

We would joke when we were out and about how soon would someone recognize our American accents and come up and say, "Excuse me, what do you think about Trump?" 

Their opinions usually made the anti-Trumpers seem like Trump-lovers.

Sitting in the Toulouse airport about to fly to the states in early October, we thought we had missed a day of Trump questions.


The waiter asked THE QUESTION at the same time he presented the bill.

After the election we thought it was over.

Wrong again.

On the Paris Metro a very good looking man, dark hair curling over his collar and eyes a woman could fall into, asked in very accented English, "What do you think about Trump?"

Then tonight in the Hôpital de Genève (HUG) after I had every part of my body prodded to be ruled  healthy, a nurse asked where we were from. 

I explained, raised in Boston, but Swiss. My husband was from New York State.

She got that gleam in her eye that we had not seen for a few days. No, I thought, not here.

"What do you think about Trump?" she asked.


Stephanie Gaunt said...

Well, what do you think about Trump?

DL NELSON said...

He is insane.